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Pool Studio is the software designed specifically for prestigious swimming pool design companies such as Dallas’ own Pool-Quest. What Pool Studio does for consumers like you is that it helps get an understanding of what a swimming pool or other backyard work would look like long before any construction team sets foot in your backyard. You can send us pictures of your backyard and from there on our developers will create a 3D model that looks exactly like your home in a matter of a few days. You can see a “before” model as well as an “after” model, all of which go into excruciating detail and are shockingly similar to the look of the actual completed work.

While it takes only a few days for us to create a swimming pool that will fit your needs and desires, we understand that your swimming pool needs to mesh well with your home. Pool Quest’s designers have years of experience in hand-designing custom pools in Texas. With Pool Studio, you can take our hand to show our designers exactly what details you are looking to be impressed by as well as what features you would like. Some of the most popular features with custom pools may not always be the pools themselves. Outdoor Entertainment centers and Outdoor Kitchens have topped the lists for many of our Dallas customers, and we’re sure that you’ll love them, too.


These great designs that we provide you with will not only represent the look of your beautiful swimming pool, but will give a great structure and a “pre-play” of any structural problems that may be encountered in the construction process. Our builders have worked on extensive project throughout the DFW region and are experienced enough to overcome any pre-existing obstacle that your home could bear. In order to clarify the image of your shimmering home, all pools require a bit of consultation beforehand, just to get an idea of what your dream backyard looks like. During this process, you will be shown a variety of materials and textures, including some already constructed projects completed by us. Our templates will give you a great idea of our quality of work so you are not blind to the possibilities that you may meet.


It could take one or more trials and proofs to correctly hone in on your true taste and what the most functional features are for you. Even the most detailed elements like flowers, LED lighting, the color of the grill and refrigerator, and the up-close texture of the pool are at your fingertips. If you would like to add a fireplace, swimming pool, arbor, pergola, entertainment center, outdoor kitchen, or any of our other fine features to your backyard in Arlington, Dallas, Grand Prairie or Fort Worth, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at Pool-Quest for your project and dream backyard.

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