About Us

Pool Quest is a family owned and operated custom gunite pool and spa company. Pool Quest was founded by Walter Meek. Walter Meek is a native Texan and a Professional Engineer who is a graduate of Texas A & M University. Walter’s expansive knowledge and engineering expertise has been sought after by various large corporations, and his past projects include work on the Boeing 777, the Lockheed YF-22, and the Joint Strike Fighter.

Just as times have changed, so has swimming pool technology and construction techniques. At Pool Quest, we have a full time, state registered professional engineer on staff as well as a pool construction consultant. The net result is over 45 years of combined engineering and pool construction experience.

It is resources like these that make it possible for Pool Quest to design and build virtually any pool that you, our customer, may imagine. We do not build pools by trial and error, the cheapest way possible or the way our ancestors did 75 years ago, as may be the case with other companies. Instead, we first determine your needs and then design and engineer a product to meet your requirements.

Finally, we use only the finest materials and craftsmen available. The result is a pool constructed without compromise to quality, utility or safety.

Pool Quest is committed to honesty and integrity, and we let the quality of our pools sell itself.

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