Our Process Part 2

How can computer software help you with your backyard? What will a 3D model of my backyard do to help construction of my pool? These are general Frequently Asked Questions many people have when introduced to 3D Pool Studio. As covered in the previous page, 3D Pool Studio is a powerful tool to help you – the customer, convey to us what your backyard dream will look like before Pool-Quest begins any work on your yard. This ensures quality service and that there will be no miscommunication from beginning to end. When you build with Pool-Quest, you can be sure that your backyard will look extremely similar to our 3D model.

3D Pool Studio starts with a shape. You can mold the top-down view of your pool to any shape you like with the 2D design, and then extrude your shape to any depth you want, as well. This gives you the power to control where every curve, corner, shape and decorations will be placed on your pool to fit a backyard of any size or shape. We can work around any existing landscape obstacles like trees, shrubs, sprinklers and gardens to be sure that you are not losing anything during the construction process.

After designing the top shape and depth of your swimming pool, you can also select the interior textures and the surface of the deck, which will surround your pool. With 9 unique surface and coping textures, you are sure to be comfortable with walking in, on and around your pool as well as with the costs. Our selections of tile manufacturers carry all sorts of materials from ceramic tiling to glass mosaics. 3D Pool Studio’s detail reaches so deeply that we can exercise your creativity to the extent of the art on the bottom of your swimming pool. 3D Pool Studio is great for builders, as well. A pre-existing model provides a great proportional representation of “what goes where” anytime there is an inconsistency or conflict in the building process.

There is no limit to what you can design with 3D Pool Studio and there is no limit of what Pool-Quest is willing to do for you in your backyard! The Engineers at Pool-Quest can renovate your existing pool with structural modification, re-tiling, and re-coping as well as start new projects with arbors, drainage, pools, landscaping, spas and pergolas.

With 3D Pool Studio and Pool-Quest, you can rest assured that you are guiding some of the best working hands in the Dallas/Fort Worth area by using one of the most innovative methods of communication from customer to builder. If you are interested in any of the great construction projects that we offer, be sure to contact us today for a free consultation.

The Pool Quest TeamOur Process Part 2