Outdoor living with Pool Quest

You may have seen an outdoor kitchen on TV or at a friend’s house recently, and that makes sense because outdoor living has become more popular than it used to. Modern day cookouts have more to them than some grill and sprinklers. These days (especially in Texas) you’re expected to have a stone counter along with a shiny stainless steel grilling area complete with a sink, probably a refrigerator and maybe even a deep fryer if you’re creative enough. Entire kitchens can be converted to outdoor settings and the best part about it all is that you can cook the way you want to and never have to leave the party.

Outdoor settings don’t have to be all about cooking though; Pool-Quest offers options like outdoor bars and fireplaces for those who don’t feel like cooking is exactly what they are looking for. If your backyard doesn’t offer the space for a large setting like a swimming pool or outdoor grill, there are other great options for you like an outdoor entertainment center. We offer protective housing for TVs as well as full theater suites for your outdoor viewing pleasure.

The same way that simply adding potatoes to a salad doesn’t make a potato salad, you can’t simply add a pool to your backyard and call it an outdoor living space. In order to create a truly relaxing outdoor living space, there are themes, styles and features that you – the owner, need to hand-pick to your liking. The style of backyard your neighbor has may not exactly mesh well with your primary outdoor activities.

This is what Pool-Quest is here to help with. It’s not enough to give you pictures and tell you about the high-quality arbors, pergolas and fireplaces that we design. You have to envision your backyard exactly the way it would be. This is where Pool-Quest’s Pool Studio comes into play. The developers at Pool-Quest will come to your location to obtain pictures of your landscape for the purpose of inserting them into our 3D software, capable of giving you a pre-determined view of your backyard before even one hole is dug on your property.

Our professionals are dedicated to quality work, and you can see it before we start. If you would like to add a fireplace, swimming pool, arbor, pergola, entertainment center, outdoor kitchen, or any of our other fine features to your backyard in Arlington, Dallas, Grand Prairie or Fort Worth, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at Pool-Quest for your project and dream backyard.

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