Wet Edge’s Primera Stone™ is a premium pool finish that combines the high performance of an admixture and polymer modified cement beautiful quality natural aggregates and mineral based pigments for a long lasting pool finish.

Created by Mother Nature, these 100% naturally colored aggregates are sourced from around the world. These brilliant and vividly colored aggregates will never fade. Semi-precious stones such as blue lapis, red jasper and a blend of natural green quartz and onyx stones are mined high in the picturesque Andes Mountains. A crushed blend of Mother of Pearl and Abalone shells from the islands of the South Pacific are used to enhance Primera Stone™ pool finishes with a shimmering sparkle.

The 100% mineral based pigments, Developed exclusively by Wet Edge Technologies™ for the Primera Stone™ Premium Pool Finishes are extremely stable and resistant to UV light and fading.

Pool surface polishing is strongly recommended to expose the natural beauty of these aggregates that would otherwise be trapped beneath the cream layer of the pool surface. A smooth and luxurious pool surface, along with rich vibrantly colored aggregates are a winning combination.

Wet Edge™’s Satin Matrix™ pool finish provides the exquisite appearance of fine polished stone, creating a stunning, visual effect. Satin Matrix™ is developed by combining smaller vibrant, naturally colored stones of many stunning color combinations. Every Satin Matrix™ finish is lightly buffed to ensure a smooth and beautiful appearance.

The Satin Matrix™ pool finish is created using the same superior technologies and exquisite fine-quality stones as our Pearl Matrix™ pool finish. Satin Matrix™ pool finish creates the look of a beautiful and elegant natural stone surface through the use of smaller lightly buffed stones.

The resulting Satin Matrix™ pool finish look is beautiful hard stone, created with the elegant look of granite. And like our Pearl Matrix™ pool finish, it is pleasingly durable, long-lastin, less subject to damage from chemical imbalances, and is more resistant to staining. Those are just some of the reasons why Satin Matrix™ is one of the most desirable pool finishes available today.

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