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jandy-pool-productsFor Automatic Control And Monitoring Of Your Pool And Spa’s Sanitization, Add The Aquapure™ Water Purification System

Utilizing ordinary salt, the electrolytic AquaPure cell generates free chlorine for your pool. As the salt in the water passes through the AquaPure cell, it converts to free chlorine and continuously kills bacteria and algae while maintaining the desired sanitization you need to keep your water pure and clean. When the chlorine is finished purifying the pool water, it converts back into salt and the whole cycle repeats.

Easy, economical and automatic – simply set the chlorine levels and AquaPure takes care of the details. You’ll have more time to enjoy your pool and spa with AquaPure!

AquaPure and PureLink are the ONLY salt chlorine generation systems that communicate with wired and wireless AquaLink RS Controls.

Jandy has revolutionized the future of plumbing pool equipment with the Versa Plumb system.

The positioning of the inlet and outlet ports on Jandy’s Versa Plumb equipment maximizes hydraulic efficiency while minimizing equipment space and plumbing requirements. Since Versa Plumb equipment is designed with all plumbing connection points aligned vertically & horizontally, connecting your equipment is simple with Jandy’s Sweep Elbow.

By improving the hydraulic system efficiency, Versa Plumb can dramatically reduce pool operating costs, by reducing the required filtration time and lowering the electrical load on your circulation pump.

Look for the Versa Plumb logo on selected Jandy products for the most versatile and efficient equipment available.

  • Heater, 3-Port Cell and Pump ports align with a Jandy Sweep Elbow
  • Minimizes space requirements
  • Union connections for ease of installation and service
  • Improves hydraulic efficiency
  • Heat Pump, 3-Port Cell & Filter ports align perfectly
  • Pump & Filter ports align with a Jandy Sweep Elbow
  • Great for small equipment areas
  • Improves hydraulic efficiency

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