Tips to Get Your Swimming Pool Ready for the Seasons

Swimming-Pool-Pool-QuestSpring has sprung and summer is on its way, which means pool season is nearly here! Regardless of how harsh the winter was in your neck of the woods, your swimming pool is likely a greenish tint and full of leaves and branches. Before you can reopen your swimming for the season and start entertaining your friends and family, you will need to clean out the gunk and restore the pool to its proper chemical balance. While it may be tempting to tackle this project on your own, it is much wiser to lean on the expertise of an Arlington swimming pool company. When it comes to your home swimming pool, it is imperative the mineral content of the water, as well as the alkalinity and pH and chlorine levels, are all on point. A professional from Pool Quest will be able to take a sample of your water and make the necessary adjustments to ensure it is safe to use once the water temperatures have settled in.

As most pool owners know, opening up your home swimming pool is more involved than simply filling it up and jumping in. Here at Pool Quest, we understand the importance of opening a pool correctly – both for the health of the swimmers and the pool itself. Here is an easy guide to help you get your pool ready for those lazy summer days and evenings of backyard entertainment!

  • Never Empty Your Pool. Draining the pool can bring big problems, such as lifting it out of the ground. Many people make the mistake of emptying their pool in order to clean it for the season, but this is not necessary and could actually cause a lot of damage.
  • Clean it Thoroughly. Start by using a pool net to get all the leaves, debris, and other gunk out of the water. Clean out all the baskets, and remove any plugs that you put in when you closed your pool last year. We recommend you leave the cover on the pool for now while you are working on it.
  • Top it Off. If the water level has fallen over the last several months, use a hose to top it off. Make sure you clean the filter out with a hose before you turn it on. Depending on your filter, you may want to bring in a professional for this step, as some of the filters require disassembly and careful cleaning.
  • Have Pool Quest Test Your Water. Like mentioned above, the quality of the water is crucial to the overall health of your pool. Our technicians will perform a complete test and determine what, if anything, needs to be adjusted and by how much.
  • Make Sure Your Chemicals Are Balanced. The following should be checked to make sure they are properly balanced:
    • pH levels – Should be between 7.2 and 7.4
    • Total alkalinity – Between 80 to 120
    • Calcium hardness – Between 150 ppm and 250 ppm
    • Chlorine – Between 1 ppm and 3 ppm

When it comes time to get your pool ready for the season, your best bet is to bring in a professional from Pool Quest. We not only know what it takes to rid your pool of all the gunk from the winter season, but we have the knowledge and tools necessary to turn your pool into a safe and healthy place for your friends and family you enjoy all summer long.


The Pool Quest TeamTips to Get Your Swimming Pool Ready for the Seasons