Swimming Pool Lighting Tips


pool_lighting_fortworthWhether you are remodeling or having a brand new swimming pool installed, adding lighting to your outdoor pool will add both ambiance and value to your backyard space. Having lights installed in the pool and its surroundings will help you get the most out of the feature, as you will now be able to use it at night. Adding lighting is also an important safety measure that will help ensure both you and your guests can navigate your backyard safely once the sun goes down.

There are many different ways to light your in-ground Fort Worth pool, from having one or two large lights installed in the inner wall of the pool to a spot or floodlight mounted on a tree above the pool. Below we will go over a handful of swimming pool lighting ideas designed to motivate and inspire you to call your local pool company and take your pool to the next level.

Tip #1: Make Sure You Aren’t Under-Lighting Your Pool

Simply installing one light in the deep end is not sufficient. You may be surprised at what a difference adding two or more fixtures (depending on the size of the pool and the effect you are going for) makes. Having a light on both ends of the pool and a couple along one of the pool walls will illuminate the space and add an incredible amount of ambiance to your yard.

Tip #2: Don’t Shine the Lights Directly Towards the Seating Areas

While it is smart to use lighting to create ambiance and encourage people to want to hang out in your backyard once the sun goes down, be smart with your placement of the lights. Make sure they do not shine directly towards your outdoor seating areas, as no one wants to have a bright light shining in their eyes while trying to relax outside by the pool!

Tip #3: Quality Matters

Adding in-ground pool lighting is a great move for many reasons, and it is important to not skimp on the quality. Make sure to use the best when it comes to both lighting and service. We understand that this can be a big decision and is something you don’t want to have to redo in 10 years. Because of this, it is critical that you go with a quality product. You want something that will last, is energy efficient, and will give your pool a classy, not cheap, feel.

Being able to enjoy your pool year-round is something every homeowner seeks, right? In order to do so, it is smart to use the services of an outdoor lighting company that is experienced and has smart design ideas.

Here at Pool Quest, we pride ourselves on employing a talented team of installation and design experts that will be able to give you advice and implement your ideas to make your backyard space one of dreams. To learn more about our services or to set up a consultation today, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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