Sound & Music – The Easiest Way to Enhance Your Outdoor Experience in Fort Worth

2 Honeymoon couples have a pool party!For those of us with pools; whether you enjoy the sun, the shade, the water or turf, we all have one thing in common – the outdoors. Believe it or not, there are even more ways to better your outdoor experience. Music is always an easy addition to any backyard outing. A setup as simple as A/V receiver with a few small speakers can cost as little as a chlorine treatment, while some can be as high tech as wireless speakers, Wi-Fi connected control panels, and Pandora wireless radio.

Music, it brings everybody together. Any experience can be greatly enhanced with an A/V receiver and a few speakers, and usually for the cost of a chlorine treatment. Outdoor speaker systems allow for creativity and freedom from the traditional swim party. Wireless speakers, when paired with your smartphone give you complete freedom from wires and clutter, and can be easily maintained. Taking it a step further, entire entertainment centers can be environmentalized to withstand the elements so you CAN watch the World Cup while listening to 7.2 surround sound in your pool.

Start small

The beauty of modern technology is that even the smallest sound setups can be upgraded to huge boom boxes. A great first step is to purchase a high quality Receiver – preferably one that supports many speakers, so the entirety of your yard is covered with music. Now add 2-4 speakers and you have an effective, modest setup that will satisfy your guests. Don’t forget to grab a microphone so you can announce when the next round of burgers is ready!


When you’re ready to really hear your music, fill in the rest of your speaker channels. If you found that 2-4 wasn’t enough or if you feel like you want to expand your system, add a subwoofer or two. By occupying all the channels on your receiver, you’ll maximize the true potential and you’ll have a truly block party-worthy backyard.

Block Party

For the cream on top of the cake, do a little research and find yourself an environmental TV set. There are companies out there that sell plastic-treated TVs that can be left outdoors and even in the rain. And don’t stop there, take it a step further and make your backyard your new living room. Your deck can be used year-round, believe it or not. Summer or winter, utilize your deck to accommodate friends and family for all weather types. Consider an outdoor heater so you can watch the super bowl, even heated chairs can be added to perfect your patio so you can truly say you have the best entertainment house in your neighborhood.

Don’t have your own pool to enjoy your favorite local Dallas/Fort Worth albums in? Take a look at our great swimming pool options. Our helpful Pool Quest representatives are here to help you. Contact us to learn more.

The Pool Quest TeamSound & Music – The Easiest Way to Enhance Your Outdoor Experience in Fort Worth