Pool Quest Vs. Other Builders in Dallas/Fort Worth


PoolQuest_vs_OtherbuildersWhen you finally make the jump to build your backyard swimming pool, you’ll find yourself very excited and this is normal. Any installation of this size must be good for you and your family. But your excitement can very often skew your concept of time. When you’re looking to swim in your pool as quickly as possible, you’ll become impatient and soon you’ll worry if your builder knows what they’re doing. Pool Quest makes every effort and takes every opportunity possible to finish your swimming pool in the timeliest manner possible. While you can’t rush perfection, there should still be a time period where you can look and say “It’s just taking too long.” This guide will give you an idea of how long it should take Pool Quest to finish up your in-ground pool.

Let’s start with the biggest time consumer. In the case of swimming pools, it’s rain.

Rain is the number one enemy when it comes to pool construction, or construction of any kind, really. While the big earth eaters are pretty darn reliable, they do not like to be worked in the rain, and this is why – your average excavator weighs in the ballpark of 180,000 lbs. and most builders probably don’t want to jeopardize their equipment if it’s pouring and thundering outside. Resuming work on a swimming pool usually means a low build quality anyways, so you should probably encourage your builder to take the day off if you find them trying to pour concrete while it’s raining sideways. The temperature also has a strong effect on your build time as well. While you may want to swim in the summer, you’ll find that there is more inclement weather in the wintertime and it will take sometimes as much as twice the time frame that it will take to do in the summertime.

Your builder’s relationship with city officials (Particularly the ones in charge of releasing construction permits) has a lot to do with build time as well. A honed, decisive builder at Pool Quest will have a strong relationship with the city and can prove his legitimacy quickly and obtain the permits necessary to build your swimming pool without any hiccups. If your builder can’t find a quick way to obtain said permit, you can assume that you’re going to be one of their “Learning Experience” customers and should probably start looking for escape clauses amidst your contract.

The construction site and design of your pool also have a significant impact on the length of time it will take to build. An ideal situation would be having a large backyard at the edge of a cull de sac with an open field behind it. Given that you have that, access to your backyard will be easy and require no special moving of heavy equipment. Not to say that some build jobs aren’t possible though, we’re only talking about ease of access here.

What you should expect from your builder regarding build time is around 60 days if they’re working in the summer. Given that you’re probably going to be building your swimming pool in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, we all know that you’ll be wanting to swim in the summer and you’ll want to build in the winter. Given these variable, a good and dry year will probably yield you a 90-100 day build time, knowing Texas’ weather patterns. You can expect this to stay generally the same even if you’re adding an outdoor living area, arbor, pergola, outdoor entertainment area, fireplace, outdoor kitchen, or any of the other great services that Pool Quest offers. If you’re interested in our free consultation, contact the professionals at Dallas/Fort Worth’s Pool Quest today to get started planning your brand new swimming pool.

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