A guide for hiring the best builders for Pool Construction in Dallas/Fort Worth


Best_Pool_Builders_Dallas_FortWorthIt’s that time in your home ownership where you want to get out more – get outside, that is. This is where a pool and outdoor living area come in. While you may want to get outside, you might want to get away from the extreme and relax for a bit. A pool is great, but you want to be comfortable when you’re not in your new pool, too. And while you’re looking at pools, remember not to get too excited and know that you have options. All too often people will become overexcited and get the first pool design, the first surface texture and the first everything that they see. Remember to be creative and original. If your builder is trying to push different services on you, listen (because you might actually like them) but keep your original intentions intact.

When you’re looking for a pool builder it’s important to note that a good pool builder will have the following:

  • Experience (previous customers)
  • Long-term contractors (no subcontractors)
  • An experienced construction head (interview him)
  • High-quality materials (branded surfacing material)
  • A warranty (get this)

Going into detail, if you’re buying a pool from any pool builder, you have to be sure of what you’re getting into before you sign. Like anything you’d normally buy, make sure that a salesman that you talk to writes down everything that they claim. If you are promised a free 5-year warranty with the purchase of your swimming pool, make sure that it’s in the final paperwork that is given to you and that you are provided with proof of the purchase if you ever need to exercise your warranty.

Be sure that numbers you are provided with are correct at the signing as well as every other option that you are looking for. Of course, Dallas’ Pool Quest utilizes Pool Studio to ensure that if there is ever a question about what materials are used for what purpose, it is easy to point out and easily resolved. Basically if you’re going to be shopping around the Dallas/Fort Worth area for a swimming pool service team, make sure you bring a pen and paper to make sure that you truly are getting everything you are being told unless you’re getting the best service with Pool Quest.

Aside from the sales floor, it’s important to get a list of contacts from the builder so you can contact their previous customers and ask about their service. While not all of their previous clients will allow you in their backyard or answer the phone, you should make it a point to talk to at least 5 clients and try to view 2 swimming pools in person to understand the workmanship you are looking at. It is also a good idea to make one of those visits to one of their older clients, so you can get an idea of how your pool will look after a long period of time. While you’re interviewing clients, try to interview the lead builder as well. You need to get an idea of who will be working and ensure that they’re not hiring anonymous sub-contractors to do their work. Pool Quest only allows experienced workers in the field of pool construction to build yours. These are all attributes that contribute to a successful and long-lasting swimming pool.

It may seem like a lot of work to shop for a swimming pool, and Pool Quest understands that. This is why we have done all of the hard work for you and compiled the best team of long-term servicemen as well as two of the hardest working engineers to lead your builders into any project you may have, whether it’s an outdoor living space, an outdoor kitchen, fireplace, arbor, pergola or swimming pool, you can feel safe trusting Pool Quest in Dallas for your next big installation. Interested in our services? Contact our professionals for a free consultation

The Pool Quest TeamA guide for hiring the best builders for Pool Construction in Dallas/Fort Worth