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pool repair services arlington TXPool-Quest isn’t just a company dedicated to quality service for new pools, we also offer repair and maintenance services for existing pools as well. There are many improvements you can make to your swimming experience at home. Some are cosmetic; others are necessary to the function of your pool. Re-plastering your pool with mortar is one of the necessary maintenance subjects you have to keep up with, and it may be difficult to determine when you need to do this. This blog will give you some pointers involving how to know when it’s time to replaster.

It is difficult to tell exactly when it is time to replaster a pool, but there are telltale signs that indicate the time. Most pools can get 7 to 11 years before replastering is necessary, but these are pools that are well kept. Let’s be honest, there are times where you got home from a long vacation and found your pool totally green because your kids didn’t add chemicals properly. Knowing when to replaster your pool is important to avoiding additional repairs and can save you from turning a replastering job into a new pool job.

Acid washes are necessary when you feel like your plaster doesn’t have the same bright, white shine that it used to have, but something that you may not know is that acid washing also easts away a small depth of your plaster, meaning that you do get a bright white shine in your pool, but it comes at the cost of a little plaster strength. These acid washes can be done as much as 5 times for the lifetime of most plaster, but it does wear away quicker, being thinner. If you have had a few acid wash treatments done to your pool in the past, you may need to consider replastering.

If you are considering a replastering, the time of year is important as well. It is beneficial for the pool owner to replaster the pool in the end of winter/beginning of spring; winter being dry enough for consecutive days to perform the job, and spring being wet enough to help reduce costs with refilling the pool. Of course, you will be able to reap the benefits of having bright, white plaster on the sides of your pool, letting you have that new pool feel when you are enjoying it in the summer, as well.

If these signs point to your pool, you may need to consider replastering the sides of your pool. Dallas/Fort Worth’s Pool-Quest can help you find the lowest-cost solution to your problems and do it in the quickest manner, so you can get the most out of your swimming season this year! Please contact us here if you are interested in extending the life of your pool.

The Pool Quest TeamExisting swimming pool repair services in Dallas/Fort Worth