4 Ways To Make Your Swimming Pool Fun & Interesting

4 Ways To Make Your Swimming Pool Fun & Interesting

4 Ways To Make Your Swimming Pool Fun & InterestingSo you’ve decided to get a swimming pool and now you’re going over designs with your family to see what everybody likes best. The problem is that everybody wants something different. There is a balance to be had in designing a swimming pool between safety, fun and the looks of the swimming pool. Not every decision requires a compromise, but all of them require careful thought and knowledge of the effects on your pool.

Diving Board

A diving board is a great way to add the explosive fun of in-air acrobatics to your swimming pool. You may have heard that diving boards are unsafe which is why many people are hesitant in installing them.

Diving boards are unsafe when children are allowed to play on without adult supervision. They are not inherently dangerous, but children when allowed to stray from the posted rules on the side of the pool can become injured. You will not see this type of behavior on a regular basis, as much as you would see when larger groups of kids are in the pool area.

Once installed, diving boards are very easy to maintain. You might have to check it occasionally for cracks. If your dive board happens to be cracked, make sure to get it repaired immediately.

Overall dive boards add excitement and fun to your pool. Since they aren’t too expensive to install, they are worth the money.

Retaining Wall

A retaining wall adds a great sense of class and vertical aesthetics to your pool going experience. Given that your swimming pool is deep enough, you’ll find that a retaining wall makes for an excellent visual pleasantry and even a diving block.

This is a great way to get the best of both worlds when you’re balancing between beauty and function with your swimming pool. By combining creative materials and good design, a retaining wall can revamp your outdoor experience.


Waterfalls are the classic way to add sophistication to your swimming pool. And you don’t need to have a huge three-foot wide waterfall to make an impression. Having two or three smaller waterfalls gives the same sound effects that a large waterfall would provide, and visually entices swimmers to jump in.

Beach Entry

A beach entry is great for the tanners that don’t want to take the plunge into the water. A beach entry is also a great substitute for a stair entry in the sense that it allows swimmers to have a more gentle transition to the pool on the colder, first swimming days and the last couple bouts for the summer.

Beach Entry also reduces splashing around pools. Jumping in from the side can cause water to get on other people who are just chilling by the pool or wooden furniture. The smooth transition makes your pool look classy at the same time giving it a functional upgrade.

These great pool features all have an element of fun, convenience or aesthetic that gives your pool a more attractive element. There are other ways to add to your pool in the future as well, including renovation to the pool, now that you have built up a capital since your first installation.

If you were low on your budget and had to stick to one pool shape, it is always possible to add curves, straight lines or depth in order to give the visual punch that you’re looking for.

If you are interested in adding value to your pool and home in the near future with a pool installation, renovation, or deck installation, give Pool-Quest a call to schedule a free consultation and take the first step to adding that extra FUN to your life!

The Pool Quest Team4 Ways To Make Your Swimming Pool Fun & Interesting