3 Outdoor Upgrades to Consider for Pool Season

DeckSummer is on the way – are you prepared? We all know that summers in the DFW region can get hot, and families all across Texas are preparing to not just survive the summer heat, but enjoy it.

While you might be thinking of a vacation this summer, as we talked about in one of our older posts, you might want to think about a staycation instead! So let’s say you’ve already got a pool installed, but you’re looking to upgrade the experience. What can you do to make your pool environment more enjoyable? In this post, we talk about 3 additions to your outdoor spaces that will make pool season even better this year.

Consider adding a pool deck

One of the best upgrades you can make to your pool is an attractive and enjoyable pool decking solution. There are a great number of styles, materials, and options available for pool decking that can expand the comfort and utility of your pool. A pool deck will allow you to entertain, tan, or just relax, in comfort as well as added safety.

Improve your outdoor lighting

Although some might enjoy swimming in the dark, this usually isn’t as fun – or as safe – as you might think. Especially if kids are involved, you really want to ensure that your pool and outdoor areas are well light. Additionally, remember that not all outdoor lighting solutions are created equal – cheap and poorly planned lighting will be inconsistent: at times too dark, and in other places, blindingly bright! Improving your outdoor lighting setup is an easy way to greatly improve your overall pool and backyard experience.

Look into a pool remodeling

If your pool is more than a couple years old, or if you’re just not super happy with the overall look & feel of your pool environment, you might consider a pool remodel. There are many pool remodeling options that can work with your existing installation, but produce something totally new and improved. Advances in design software and pool materials technology mean that you can really design the new pool of your dreams, whatever the state of your existing setup.

These are just 3 ideas for what pool owners in the Dallas/Fort Worth area can do to upgrade their pool experiences this summer. If you’d like more information on any of these options, or you’d like to talk about more pool upgrades for this upcoming summer, please contact us today.

The Pool Quest Team3 Outdoor Upgrades to Consider for Pool Season