3 Outdoor Improvements for a Successful Staycation in Dallas

Group Of Friends Having Outdoor Barbeque At HomeVacation season is coming soon, and while many people might be planning a getaway to a distant location, many families might consider a staycation this season instead. What is a staycation? It’s simple – instead of jetting off to a distant destination, a staycation means staying local, and enjoying a vacation in your own home!

The idea of staycation has become more and more popular, as families want to avoid the cost and hassle of an expensive far away vacation. The truth is that with the nuisance of booking plane tickets, finding a hotel, and navigating a new destination, staying local is often a much more relaxing experience than a traditional vacation.

A staycation also offers a great value compared to typical travel. Why spend thousands of dollars for a trip that will be over before you know it, when you can save that money, or invest it in your own home. At Pool Quest, we know many people who have spent their vacation budget on outdoor improvements instead, and as such have enjoyed a great staycation while also adding value to their homes.

To help you plan a great staycation, the team here at Pool Quest has put together 3 outdoor improvements that can help you have a great stay-at-home vacation in Dallas Texas.

Build the Pool of your Dreams. Nothing says vacation like relaxing poolside. So why spend a fortune just visiting some pool in a resort, when you can design your own pool, and enjoy it all summer! Designing and building your own inground pool in Dallas is a wonderful way to relax, enjoy summer, and also add value to your home. And if you have an existing pool, but just aren’t getting a “vacation” vibe from it, consider a remodel or upgrade to really bring that resort feel to your backyard.

Install an Outdoor Kitchen, Grill, or Fireplace. What better way to enjoy a staycation than grilling a great meal for friends and family? An outdoor cooking solution, like a kitchen or grill, is a wonderful way to spend time outdoors and relax with your loved ones. A fireplace or outdoor fire pit is also a great way to upgrade your backyard, stay warm during cooler seasons, and even enjoy a marshmallow or hotdog roast.

Add an Outdoor Arbor / Pergola. A new patio roof, overhead, or arbor/pergola is a great way to improve your outdoor space and breath new life into your backyard. These stylish and inviting outdoor structures can be used for anything from a relaxing drink outdoors, to a quiet conversation with friends, or a card game with friends or family.

These are just a few ideas on how your vacation budget can be better spent on lasting outdoor improvements. This year, instead of a stressful vacation, you can upgrade your own home, and enjoy a staycation all summer – as well as rising home values! To learn more about outdoor upgrades, and getting ready for staycation season here in Texas, contact the Pool Quest team today.

The Pool Quest Team3 Outdoor Improvements for a Successful Staycation in Dallas