3 Health Benefits Of Having A Swimming Pool

3 Health Benefits Of Having A Swimming Pool

3 Health Benefits Of Having A Swimming PoolSwimming has always been a fun activity for everybody. It’s a great socializer for all age groups from college students to the elderly to infants to high schoolers. Almost anyone finds joy in jumping into a cool pool on a hot summer day. In addition to growing your social health, swimming adds to your health in ways other than losing weight. The sun is a great source of vitamins and a great tan from a couple hours a week in the sun looks great on anybody! Here in Texas we have an abundance of heat and sunlight so let’s discuss the benefits of just 30 minutes a day in your outdoor pool.

Weight Loss

Swimming is considered a moderate exercise; burns a significant amount of calories in a reasonable amount of time. People who burn calories in a more rigorous way such as basketball, weightlifting, and running put themselves in high physically stressful situations, which can also lead to injury. Although they might be better in terms of burning more calories, they are not as convenient as taking a dip in your backyard pool.

Swimming uses the entire body, from the foot, all the way up through the legs and core, into the shoulders and finally till the fingertips. Using the entire body in this way stimulates all of the muscles and burns calories in a much easier way, making it a great calorie burner for rest-days when you aren’t working your body so hard.

Vitamin D

The sun is your warm, yellow friend. These days we hear so much about its harmful effects and how having too much time in the sun is bad for us that we neglect to remember that while we shouldn’t spend too much time in it, we do have to enjoy the rays regularly.

Studies show that 1,000 IU to 5,000 IU per day is great for things like your mood and overall good feeling. Vitamin D is hard to find in foods, so there has to be better ways to supplement this essential nutrient. Walking outside for 30 minutes with shorts on produces 600 IU, so you would have to be in direct sunlight for 50 minutes to achieve those results. You can get as much as 5,000 IU of Vitamin D in as little as 30 minutes wearing a bathing suit and splashing around in the water.


If you are an empty nester or just need something extra to fill your day with, owning a swimming pool gives you a few things to do in your life. Just like taking care of your yard, owning a pool means that you have to test your water to see if you need to add any chemicals as well as cleaning the filters regularly. People are built to have a little routine and structure to their day, and a pool gives you just the right amount of work to do without putting too much on your plate. In addition to all of the health and social benefits a swimming pool gives you, it also adds great value to your home.

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